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David Gundry

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

At Warner Furnishings we sell David Gundry furniture. Sumptuous in comfort, and of the highest standard of construction we are proud to feature their best-selling classical models within our range.

David Gundry Upholstery Limited have been designing and manufacturing the best of British handmade bespoke furniture since 1972.

David and Glennis founded the business with a passion for making upholstery to the highest quality. The Gundry family upholds with dedication these same high values today, as the business continues to evolve and to push the boundaries of precision and elegance.

Only the finest materials are selected, and these, combined with the commitment of our team of highly skilled craftsmen and women, contribute to producing both of our exquisite ranges of furniture; beautiful classic and inspirational contemporary designs, to reflect individual tastes and lifestyles.

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