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Purchasing a Peter Guild sofa ensures that you will be investing in a high quality fully handmade piece of furniture created by expert craftsmen to the highest possible standard.

Peter Guild offer the unique ability to create a bespoke sofa, specifically tailored to your requirements, that means that every aspect of our furniture can be modified to suit your individual tastes and demands on space.

With Peter Guild furniture, master carpenters and expert upholsterers take pride in developing each and every aspect of your sofa, to produce beautiful hand finished furniture that meets your specified height, width, depth and is guaranteed to stand the test of time

Peter Guild - Belgravia available from Warner Furnishings Shrewsbury
Peter Guild - The Delphic available from Warner Furnishings Shrewsbury
Peter Guild - Francesca available from Warner Furnishings Shrewsbury
Peter Guild - The Fulham available from Warner Furnishings Shrewsbury
Peter Guild - Kingston available from Warner Furnishings Shrewsbury
Peter Guild - Marlborough available from Warner Furnishings Shrewsbury
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Opening Hours Monday - Friday 9.30am - 5.30pm  Saturday 9.00am - 5.00pm  Sunday Closed

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