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Warner Furnishings are stockists of Cintique chairs, sofas and recliners. With roots that date back more than a century, time has nurtured the Cintique name into a beloved furniture brand that people associate with high quality standards, British values and exceptional comfort.

Cintique chairs, sofas and recliners tend to consist of beautiful Cintique fabrics upholstered on solid ash timber frames, ethically sourced from responsibly managed forests.


No two pieces of Cintique furniture are the same because the wood Cintique uses is 100% authentic, featuring naturally occurring knots, lines and splits. 

Cintique Hazel
Cintique - Hazel
Cintique Lydia
Cintique - Lydia
Cintique Willow
Cintique - Willow
Cintique Vermont
Cintique Vermont
Cintique Eton
Cintique - Eton
Cintique Cheshire
Cintique - Cheshire
Cintique Winchester
Cintique - Winchester
Cintique Alberta
Cintique - Alberta
Cintique Richmond
Cintique - Richmond
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Warner Furnishings was established in the picturesque market town of Shrewsbury way back in 1977.

We have steadily built up a reputation for creating beautiful bespoke upholstered sofas, chairs and recliners for your home.

We're based on Wenlock road in Shrewsbury, easy to find only 10 minutes from the M54 and we have ample free parking so why not stop by the showroom the next time you're visiting the area.

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Cintique Vermont

Cintique Vermont

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